“Indeed, they really liked the combination of plastic calderienne inspiration (the show is inspired by the Alexander Calder's world) with dance, music and movement revealing the universe of magic.

Hard work of synchronisation, object manipulation and visual effects that could be compared to the virtuosity of some Chinese puppet companies bringing together rhythmic choreography and manipulation, result of hard training which amazes with his virtuosity.

Hence the merit of Addaura Teatre Visual, who has succeeded with simple local budgets, tenacity and the enthusiasm of four dancers, more the fruitful and rigorous management of Teia Moner, a spectacular result and virtuosity with superlative degrees.

A work for which is taking shape a long journey.”


Magazine Puppertry. Toni Rumbau. 2015



Embrossa’t! All possibilities from the secret world of words

In the real world, every day, there are hidden doors that open to unexpected and surprising things, and generally only children are able to see. I have always admired all those who know how to dialogue with children, precisely because they have the same capacity to open those doors and embark on a journey to a world where things are transformed, talk, disappear, light up, lose their weight and float, they dismember and re-compose changing identity. This is what the letters of the alphabet do, which in themselves could be simple, beautiful and suggestive signs, but that adding to others in infinite combinations miraculously create the words and from the words ... the facts are born, the facts, the history ...
The letters of the alphabet can be butterflies or rain that falls on an umbrella of lights, but, above all, they are images, shapes, instruments. In its pre-natal phase, when the finished texts have not yet been composed, the letters still escape the rigid grammatical rules and do what they want, in full freedom, in their secret world.
Embrossa’t invites us openly into the world of Joan Brossa, in his idea that the “poetry reader is a performer”, that is, the reader is the one who actually finishes the work. With all the evidence, the resources of this jewel, which would be unfairly limiting to classify as a children's show, are powerful enough to stimulate the fantasy and participation of the public of all ages.
The architecture of the show is agile, fun, didactic and light at the same time. Lights and costumes contribute perfectly to the dreamlike character of the work. Especially interesting is the ability of the dancers and, I would say, actors and magicians, to coordinate choreographies with magic tricks, different dance styles and acting, all being fun and with an (only) apparent ease, even when changing costumes And the rhythms are frantic!

Nadia Zamboni Battiston:

Addaura Visual Theatre Company just released in La Seca an unusual show that combines dance, magic, puppets and shadows. Directed by Teia Moner, the work is inspired by the visual poetry of Joan Brossa to offer us a genuinely frivolous world that really is aimed at all audiences.

It must be said that the work he loved and seduced all audiences, due to clever, practical and imaginative simplicity, a combination of ingenuity packed with a whole different choreographic movements number of objects, small magic tricks and visual effects that keep among them some very true proportions, with no pretensions and any overacting. A simplicity that goes very high in grace and poetic flight of imagination.  The Brossa references are in the objects that speak of the universe that loved poet, such as games with letters, the use of formal elements of language, both written and music, as well as different themes present on his work: cabaret, musical, magic, puppets, shadow theater, playful dance, little tricks and ingenuity of popular tastes.

There is a naivety tone that runs through from beginning to end the show and yet it avoids the complexity choreographic technique even in some of the tricks and effects. The work keeps impish rhythm that does not leave you for a second, thanks to a rich and well selected soundtrack, Miguel Espinosa responsibility.

Embrossa't has moments of virtuosity, Teia Moner and Cristina Bertran, with the whole project team have achieved an impressive performance yet simple, they have the key and have finally earned what everyone seeks, taking an extraordinary juice in craft and imagination. A work undoubtedly the long haul.

Toni Rumbau. Magazine

Report TV2 Point of view program. 20-7-17 (Catalan)


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