According to Paul Klee, "a drawing is a line that goes for a walk."

What a wonderful way to get into his imaginary and walk with him.

Dance, magic, manipulation of objects, puppets, sign language, clown and black theater have allowed us to explore his work and discover the Klee painter, the musician, the puppeteer, the sculptor, the philosopher and the BAUHAUS teacher.

Show for family audiences



It’s a work based on visual poetry of Joan Brossa which mixes dance, magic, objects, the black theater, puppets and shadows. An investigation that leads us to fit it all without losing the meaning that the author wants to convey in each of his works. All this work is supported by Fundació Joan Brossa.

MAX Awards Finalist 2018

Show for family audiences




Visual theatre show for family public with dance, magic, puppets, black light, shadows and circus. It is inspired by the Alexander Calder work. A creative explosion in motion.

MAX Awards Nominated 2017

Show for family audiences

Tale made it by ALAS Association so that children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) can enjoy the MOBILUS show. Performance May 6, 2017 at CC Tomasa Cuevas in Barcelona, within the Teatre Accessible Theater Campaign.



In theater, light plays a very important role. It's a tool  to make space visible but also takes on symbolic and meaningful forms.
IL·LUMINARIUM, is a stage proposal for all audiences in which we can see different types of lighting that can be used in dramaturgy.
This work integrates different fragments of the shows: Embrossa't, inspired by the work of the catalan visual poet Joan Brossa and Mobilus inspired by the work of the American plastic artist Alexander Calder, in which light is a basic and essential element in developing the scene.

We use shadows, black light, leds and projections.

It's musical and there is no text.
In school campaigns, a talk is held with the audience to explain the different lighting techniques  and the importance of light in any theater or musical performance.


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